The best Halloween party games for little monsters

We’ve put together some wickedly good party game ideas to entertain your little monsters this Halloween. From loo roll mummy racing to digging for eyeballs, these games are all fiendishly good fun.

1. Mummy races

When you say ‘Go’ the children have to wrap their partner in toilet roll to make them into a mummy. Once they are wrapped up to their chins the mummies have to jump and race to the finish line.

2. Gruesome feely boxes

Fill empty tissue boxes or shoes boxes with slimy and revoltingly textured delights. Cut holes in your boxes and cover with tissue paper so each guest has to punch their way through and then feel inside and guess what lurks beneath. Ideas for your boxes could be cooked spaghetti (brains), glace cherries and peeled grapes (eerie eyeballs), canned peaches or sliced peaches (dead mans’ smiles), cooked rice (maggots) and small plastic insects.

3. Broomstick relay

Divide the children into two teams and give each a broomstick (easily available at Halloween at supermarkets and pound shops). Each team member must ride the broomstick to the end of your chosen race course and back and then hand the broomstick to the next team member. The first team to complete the course first wins.

4. Digging for eyeballs

Cook up a large pan of spaghetti and add in several ping-pong balls. Use a Sharpie to mark each ping-pong ball with a trick or treat. If your child pulls out a treat ball they win a small gift, if they pull out a trick ball they have to complete the written forfeit. Forfeits could include things like crawl around the garden twice, walk across the hall like a zombie, walk like a spider across the room or waddle across the room with a pumpkin between your legs.

5. Pop the pumpkin

Pop slips of paper into orange balloons with the words ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ written on each one Blow up the balloons and your party guests have to take it in turns to pop a balloon and either be rewarded with a small treat or have to face a forfeit.

6. Dig in the bucket of guts

Slice open a large pumpkin and use your hands to mix up the seeds and slime in the centre. Pop in a selection of small treats into the oozy middle of your pumpkin. Blindfold each child and ask them to dig into the bucket of guts to find a small prize.

7. Witches’ hat hoopla

Make (or buy) pointed witches’ hats (you might find one at your local Barnardo’s charity shop) and place them at the other end of your room. Give each child a hoop that they must throw to try to land on the witches’ hat. You could make cardboard hoops by cutting the centre out of a paper plate. The child that scores the most points wins a treat.