7 Wickedly good Halloween party food ideas

Are you planning a Halloween party or want to make the day special for the family? We’ve put together some spooktacular ideas for devilish delights.

1. Banana ghosts and Satsuma pumpkins

These healthy treats are ideal to balance out all the Halloween sweets and treats. The utterly adorable fruit creations are bound to go down a storm. They are super quick and easy to make too.

Chop bananas in half and make spooky faces with choc chips. Peel satsumas and add stalks with chopped celery to make the little pumpkins.

2. Monster teeth

Biscuits with bite! Cut choc chip cookies in half. Spread jam on one half of a biscuit and then add mini marshmallows as teeth. Pop the other half of the cookie on top and then add shaped almond flakes to make the vampire teeth.

3. Mummy cheesy toasts

How cute are these mummy toasties? Simply toast slices of bread and then cut strips of cheese and arrange to make bandages. Slice black olives to make the eyes and cherry tomatoes to make the mouths.

4. Ghost cake pops

These are so easy to make but pack a punch. Pop a marshmallow on a wooden skewer. Then roll out some ready made white icing and cut into circles with a cookie cutter. Drape a circle of icing over each marshmallow and shape to make the ghostly shapes by pinching the icing with your fingers. Use black fondant icing to make the eyes and mouths.

5. Dead man’s fingers

Shudder. Make these severed fingers by chopping the ends off hot dogs and slicing a thin sliver off the tops. Place thin slices of cheese at the tops to make fingernails and arrange five ‘fingers’ on a plate with a dollop of tomato ketchup blood. A gruesome treat that the kids will love.

6. Monster burgers

Add some bite to your Halloween party with these nutritious monster burgers. Pop a burger in between a bread roll and cut a slice of cheese to make the teeth, add tomato ketchup for oozing ‘blood’ and make eyes from slices of green olives.

7. Bolognese with bite

Make your spaghetti spooky by adding monster eyes made from slices of cheese, olives and red food colouring, and fangs made from little triangles of cheese. Your little monsters are bound to devour it with gusto.