Brace yourself! All you need to know before your child gets braces

If your child is told that they will need to wear braces they will probably feel a bit anxious and have loads of questions such as: ‘Will they hurt? Will I look ugly? How long will I have to wear


Wow the family with these delicious watermelon pizzas

Whether you choose sweet or savoury toppings these watermelon pizzas make the perfect summer treat.


Do you floss though? 7 ways to make tooth brushing less of a battle

Up and down the land in primary schools all over the UK all the cool kids are flossing. It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation. It’s absolutely NOTHING to do with looking after their teeth


How to avoid passing on phobias and fears to your children

Whether it's feeling yourself tense up when a dog lollops over to greet you or going jelly legged when there's a big fat spider in the bath, many of us have these irrational fears. Rationally, we know we're bigger and more frightening than that house spider and that Labrador is just a friendly puppy, but overcoming these fears can be difficult sometimes.


Top 5 Practical tips to help your tween sleep better

Teenagers need more sleep than adults and yet while many school aged children and teens are shattered during the daytime and evening, they can have trouble falling asleep at night. When all the usual tricks to wind down in the evening don’t work - why not try one of these five practical tips to help.


Three ways to help your child develop a positive body image

Body image is how we feel about our bodies. We can celebrate our health, strength and shared family traits like wavy hair or knobbly toes, or we can obsess over perceived flaws and imperfections. Here's three ways to help you get started.

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